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MBAインタビュー: The Latest Tricky Questions Asked By Top Business Schools



Poets & Quantsより。




GMACのCommon LORにもフィードバックについての設問がありますが、Johnsonに留学してからの実感としても、自身のリーダーシップに対する360度フィードバック、コアチームに対するフィードバックにとどまらず、クラブ活動、授業、イベント、ことあるごとにフィードバックの機会を目にします。




ちなみに、JohnsonのTricky Questionsはこのような質問だそうです。

Cornell (Johnson)

What alternate career will you consider in case you do not get into consulting?

Tell me about three values that you follow in your life.

What is your leadership style? Please describe a situation where you were a leader.

Did you have any conflicts during this leadership experience? If so, how did you solve them?

What is the one feature that is not mentioned in your application that you would like me to convey to the adcom?

In what company would you like to work?

What do you do in your free time?

What leisure (non-professional) clubs would you be a member of while at Johnson? Why?

What is your leadership style?